Scientific research on human behavior and decision-making is not new. Since the new millennium big process has been made in the still young discipline of neuroscience. New technologies in psychometrics and biometrics offered a deeper glimpse inside the human brain. Monitoring physiological processes inside the brain in real time has become possible. These new insights brought forth a new set of assumptions on how the brain works.

▪ There are two nervous systems in every head. These systems differ in terms of processing speed and in the reactions the trigger. System 1/2

▪ Decisions are arrived at subconsciously. Implicit motives, subconscious by definition, drive buying decisions. Rational factors, USPs or hard facts are 5% relevant at best.

Processing Fluency describes the brain’s ability, to interpret an object or a situation.

Priming is subconscious manipulation.

Anchoring works with triggers that are deliberately placed in order to influence a decision.

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